JIT for summer: BBQ thermometer (4 probes) controlled through Blynk

Hi Blynkers,

Just in time for summer, I finished writing up and posting the source files for my open source BBQ thermometer.

Blynk Dashboard

It has jacks for 4 meat probes and is controlled entirely through Blynk. It uses an ESP-12F Adafruit Huzzah module and I’ve published all of the source files: sketch, QR code link for the dashboard, Eagle files, a complete bill of materials, and STL files for the enclosure.

You can read about the project and download the source from the BitBucket repository.

Just stick the probes in and go enjoy the party instead of standing over a hot BBQ grill this summer! If you make one, let me know!

If you would like to buy one of my remaining PCBs for $US8 + shipping, please send me a private message. I have a few left from the production run.



Umm… where are the recipes?! :wink: Thanks for sharing!

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Looks great! :clap:Next phase is a commercial application :wink:

great project! I was about to start with my own bbq thermometer :wink:

Just saw this don’t see how to send PM. Do you have any of the boards still?

wow! great write up… you should eb very proud!!

my next BBQ project involves and array of non-contact IR sensors…