Automation does not repeat

Trying to run a simple temperature sensing routine with automation notification if temp is below a certain value.
using NodeMCU and LM35 sensor

temp declared as float
resolution declared as float

V9 is a data stream of type Double

relevant code below

BlynkTimer timer

within void setup()



Void ptimer()
temp = analogRead(A0);
temp = (temp * resolution):
temp = (temp*100);

in practice, the sensor readings are working fine. Used gage feature in app to see the values as well as serial monitor to check.

I have the app automation setup to trigger when V9 goes below a value with 1 minute time limit

When the temp falls below the value I get two app notifications 1 minute apart, then no further notifications after that. If the temp is raised again above the limit and then dropped below the limit I get two more notifications.

I would like to get a notification every minute as long as the temp is below the limit, not just two.

Suggestions appreciated. - thanks

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I’d also suggest that you read this…


I edited my post and Pete requested. The old information sent seems to suggest I cannot get repeating notifications if the defined condition remains active. But it does not explain why I get exactly 2 notifications one minute apart ( my notification time limit is set to 1 minute) and then no more after that unless the condition is reset

Difficult to comment unless you share some info about your automation setup.