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Hello Blynkers.
At the beginning of the year, he transferred his system, consisting of several objects, to BLYNK 2.0.
Each of the objects must be turned on and off according to a schedule that can be changed by the operator. In the old version of Blynk, this was the responsibility of the gadget that controlled
The corresponding virtual variable. In the new version, this is implemented using the Automation panel. Immediately after the transition to the new version, the entire system worked normally and the devices turned on and off properly every day at the set time. But about a month later, failures began to turn on and off in automation mode. After trying to change these times, it stopped working. When changing this variable manually or using the gadget, everything works fine. Now in the automation mode, not a single device works. Every day you have to turn them on early in the morning and turn them off late at night by sending a command through the gadget in manual mode. After changing the time in the automation field, the Running banner appears on the display of a specific device and the automation does not work. Please help me fix this situation.

I’m not sure how you expect other Blynk users to help you with this, based on the information you’ve provided.

You should read this…

and in addition to everything requested in this post you should include information about your Automations.