Automatic scheduler. ESP-01 with 4 Time Input Widgets

Ok, (more) details here:

  • Using the exact sketch from the above project “ESP-01 with Time Input Widgets”
  • App was downloaded to iPhone using above QR code
  • HW is Adafruit Huzzah ESP8266
  • IoS app is 2.5.6
  • Apple iPhone 5s is running iOS 10.0.1
  • Blynk library is 0.4.3
  • Using Blynk cloud server
    What happens: when starting Blynk app on iPhone, app crashes after 2-3 seconds. When restarted, same behavior. Searching community for similar issue, I came across this:
    So I commented out the statement
    Blynk.setProperty(V3, “label”, displaycurrenttimepluswifi);
    and reran with no errors. I suspected something not working with setProperty and iOS/Blynk app.
    Thanks for your continued help with this great platform!
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@psoro Jose when you created the QR code do you know what version of the Blynk server you were using?

When I scanned the QR it “blew up” my Samsung S3.

Perhaps I should elaborate on the term “blew up” and just to add my S3 is a busy, low memory device.
Blynk app locked up and screen went black. Restarting the app showed that your project had been added to my dashboard. Not actually flashed your sketch yet as all my USB ports are busy at the moment.

Noticed one of my WeMos’ that was attached to my laptop when the QR code was scanned repeatedly showed invalid token in Serial Monitor. Checked the project and the local server, tokens matched despite the message in Serial Monitor.

Refreshed the token in the project and reflashed the Wemos, all fine now.

My understanding is that QR codes are server specific i.e. if you clone a project with server x.x.x and then try to run with server y.y.y it can create problems. Normally a refresh of tokens etc will fix the issue.

For reference my local server is 0.21.5.

Please try the latest iOS app version. There already was a fix with setProperty after 2.5.6

Hi Costas, the Blynk Server was 0.21.3 when I did the QR, I have updated the server right now to 0.21.5:
Please, check it and let me know if your Samsung works fine:

I can’t scan the QR, I don’t know why so I have to click on the link and it works as expected.

@psoro your new QR worked fine without a crash, thanks.

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Perfect Costas!!!
Just for your knowledge:
The new QR has been made using APP 2.6.0 and Local Server 2.21.5
I’m going to update the first post with this QR

Not a good idea to mix and match, 2.6.0 requires 0.21.6.

A little bit confused right now:

@Dmitriy… please…

@psoro this is was very tiny release (few commits only), so I just put jar within same release tag. Fixed. Sorry for confusing.

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Eugene, thanks much! I updated iOS app to latest and refreshed QR…sketch with setProperties works as designed with no crashes.

@psoro see “matching” concept at New Android Release 2.6.0

Crazy dinner at home because of Blynk! :blush:

I have updated my server and everything should be fine right now.

QR updated

Thanks @Dmitriy and @Costas!!

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Could you check last QR and URL?
The URL is asking me for more energy despite I’m full of energy…

And suddenly the project has appeared…

@BlynkAndroidDev? Any suggestion? Thanks

That is normal, just ignore the Energy top up request.

Hi Blynkers,
I have updated a little bit the code (there was a bug at “UP TO YOU” mode… sorry) and the QR / URL due to new RTC mechanism.

This code is fine for:

Blynk Library: v0.4.4
Android APP: 2.6.0
Local Server 0.21.6

Kind regards!


Hi, well done a nice project. I downloaded and installed your project onto my ESP hardware and connect to the Blynk Cloud.
However when I interrogate the time my time it is " Current time: 0:2:22 1 1 1970" I cant seem to sync the time from the Cloud.
I see you run the project from your local server so this may not be an issue for me. Did you experience similar problems?

Les (Badge)

Nicely done, may I ask why you chose to use the 5v modules?

I found on ebay both the step down to 3.3V
and the 3.3v relay, is there an advantage to having it at 5v when the mcu operates at 3.3v?

this would require a step down converter from 5 to 3.3V + a transistor for the relay?


Edit: Just asking before I make my purchase, incase I overlooked something. Don’t take it in any wrong way ^.^.

Ping @psoro :slight_smile:

Hi @Fettkeewl,
I have no time right now to post the BOM but I’m feeding the Esp using the ASM1117 3.3V and using a transistor for the relay. Everything is at this little board.
I will post the schematic also.


Are you using lastest library? Please check it, it should work fine

hello friend, how much energy it takes for this project? congratulations for the work