Anyone using LCD widget on Uno / Nano with ESP?

I have seen numerous previous posts about buffer overflows when running Uno / Nano with ESP and suspect it also occurs with the LCD widget. I wouldn’t have thought there was that much data being processed with the LCD widget.

After extensive testing I have found that many simple requests to write to the LCD cause the ESP to disconnect and reconnect over and over again from the Blynk servers. I wrote about the problem in detail at Blynk Libraries

The exact same code without the ESP (USB serial) seems to work fine and for now I have reverted back to USB as the ESP became unusable. Strange thing is I can flood the LCD with write’s on 500 millisecond timer and it runs ok then a simple one off write to the LCD will crash the system.

Anyone noticed the same problem and specifically have a fix for it?

After a lot of tests with the terminal and lcd widgets, I also found that they crash my nano after several writes.
As work around, I try now to use them as less as possible, and do automatic reboot of the nano when i use them.
I also use watchdog to relaunch the nano if it crashes.

Use an ESP8266.

Yes, but I may not use wifi in this project.

@Alx-I Reviving another old topic :stuck_out_tongue: … If you have a project you need assistance with, please create a new “Help with Project” topic and provide details and code.

The nano, like the UNO, while limited in memory can otherwise handle terminal and LCD widgets just fine… I have done it (particularly as Blynk gets optimised and developed over the last two years since this topic :wink: ).