Any different option/setting to choose between ESP12E and NodeMcu

to many issues with my code, I prefer to keep 2.5.0 beta3 :wink:
‘IPAddress WiFiUDP::remoteIP() const’ marked override, but does not override

At last the ESP12E connects after 5 attempts on the reconnect 30sec tries !!
But when i operate the GPIO with the Blynk app it is very slow. And after 3 hrs or so it will go offline and comes back online after 20min .

Does reinstall of the Blynk local server will help ?
I also scanned with the advanced ip scanner as @PeteKnight said ! And i found the ip and mac is same.

Or should i buy a new router ? Or just hard reset it ?
Because the ESP is not connecting to Blynk cloud too !!

get a new nodemcu.
yesterday I tried 2 nodemcu , same core , same code.
the 1st connect within a second.
the 2 nd try to connect 10 times and reset.
after 2h it was connected, and this morning it try again to connect.
as I said, I uploaded a code to transform my nodemcu as a repeater mode , it runs like a charm without disconnect.
I will try it with virtuino or openhab to be sure there is something to do with blynk server.
tomorrow I’ll order 2 nodemcu in China.
have a good day bro

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I will buy new ESP12E and check if the problem is with the module or any other software oriented problem.
I will keep the result posted !!
Have a great weekend…

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I’ll try a wemos mini D1 .
what do you think about that @PeteKnight ?
is it better than nodemcu?

I like them because they’re smaller than the NodeMCU and you can choose how to solder the header pins on (or don’t bother with pins at all).
They also have the double and triple bases available, so you can make your own modular systems and easily swap things in and out, like this, which has a D1 Mini Pro, a Relay board and a Proto board:
Because they’re plugged into sockets on the triple base you can pull components out and replace them easily.

I did a Pros and Cons comparison here:


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I see, you have the mini pro with IPEX connector.
Is there a real difference with the signal strength ?
are you using a PC power supply, it seems to be an HDD connector ?

The device was going in a diecast aluminium box, so I needed the external antenna. Generally I don’t use the external antenna, but tend to buy the Pro version because you have the choice of how to use them. You have to swap the zero ohm resistor next to the external connector though.

The JST connectors are just an easy way to connect-in external devices. The one at the bottom is a connection to an RFID reader and the one at the top is power and an external reset button.


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@Blynk_Coeur @PeteKnight @marvin7

Hello !!

The update now is !!
I installed Arduino IDE and all the required stuff to get Blynk working. The system that i installed Arduino IDE had never ever seen anything like this before.

So right after installing all the required stuff !! I uploaded the same old code to the same old ESP12E module and Voila !!! It immediately connected to the same router(NO changes made) without any re-connection tries !!

But the connection is not stable. The module goes offline and comes back online every now and then. And the response to the app input is way too slow !!

I also purchased a Wemos D1 MINI this morning and uploaded the same code and it connects too ! But it is stable with its connections(Its been just hardly 3hrs since its online, so i cannot really say how stable it is.)

Things Running Now
Arduino IDE 1.8.5
ESP Core 2.4.1
Blynk Lib 0.6.0

But strange thing is even with out :point_down:


The ESP’s are no longer showing up on my Hotspot list But the Wemos D1 MINI is showing up !! Strange !!

Can i know how to get it more stable like before ??

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As I explained before, the WiFi.mode(WIFI_STA) command only needs to be run once on a device to turn this off, unless you clear the settings when you flash the device.


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Perhaps the noise is too high? You can try lower the output power (range 0-20.5) with WiFI.setOutputPower()

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The place where i Code and upload into ESP is hardly 3mtrs away from the wifi router. So obviously i upload the code and test the module if that connects !! But today i felt like trying to connect the module sitting next to the router itself and amazingly it connects quickly !!

What does this say ? My router has two antenna that can be pointed to a specified direction. Also tried to adjust the antenna !! But no luck. The module connects only when it is hardly a meter away !!

But the same room/place where i code has 2 NODEMCU’s working correctly, but not stable enough !! Disconnects every 2 or 3 days and re connects !!

Is this because the Wifi is not powerful enough ? Or any defect with module ? I have also connected a Wemos D1 mini from the same room for testing purpose !! And it is pretty stable since last night !!

Due to him saying so and also had Python installed(multiple times with diff versions)[doesn’t make sense but i felt it was interfering with the wifi network ] and also multiple Arduino versions and Lib, on my laptop and few more bugs i also re installed my OS. But never expected this WiFi range would be a problem.

Now what can be done to get ESP’s connection stable by increasing the power like just @marvin7 said WiFI.setOutputPower()

Or can i add an external antenna ?
But i guess this should not be a problem, because the NODEMCU uses the same module !!

the power is set to max by default
your MCU is defective, maybe between HF output and PCB antenna

Okay !! But i had two ESP12E purchased at the same time !! Both cannot be defective at the same time right !!?? May be the whole Batch had a problem !

But how could this happen with the same ESP module ? From the same room !!
Anyways I will purchase one more ESP12E and Give an update… !!

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maybe it’s a bad production batch :wink:

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Maybe you can try to connect your ESP’s to your mobile as hotspot…
This way you can notice if your router is doing strange things…

try that and you will be fixed :wink:

Yes I tried it before hand. And it connects to the mobile hotspot as quick as lightning. But doesn’t connect to server(obviously) as the server is not running on my mobile hotspot. But connects very quickly.

Sorry !! I did not understand. Can you please come again :confused:

I had the same problem as you with one of my nodemcu.
So I decided to try the Wifi Repeater sketch and it works perfectly well over 48 hours.
Back to blynk, same problem as before!
I think I will use my $ 2 NodeMCU as a Wifi Repeater :rofl:

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