Android screen Font changes size

Almost the same bug: Android screen UI changes sizes

Everything can be seen in the screenshots.

A method to reproduce:

  • In the Blink widget there are tabs, on one of the tabs there is a SuperChart.
  • If you switch the SuperChart chart to full-screen mode and switch to another application (browser), then change the screen rotation - then when you switch back to the blink, the font size in the captions of the tabs increases.

Phone: Redmi 6
MIUI: Global Stable
Android: 8.1.0.O11019

Blynk: ver.2.27.6
Server: Blynk Cloud

Harware: NodeMCU ver. 1.0 (ESP-12E Моdule)
DHT-21 sensor


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Normal view:

Hi, @blynkandroiddev

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I’ve uploaded a new beta build with a fix to this issue. Currently the beta build is not very different from release one, it just has the logging support. Can you join our beta program and try it?