Android Open Beta. Version 2.27.2

@BlynkAndroidDev, has anyone mentioned that since this build the device selector widget doesn’t list any devices?

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Also will be fixed in new release, I’m uploading it.

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I’m uploading new build and it should be available in several hours.


  • fixed UI of the color picker: returned gradients, fixed alpha slider, not transparent background
  • fixed select device dialog of th device selector widget
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Oh, you mean it is NOT supposed to look like a thick line… But like this?


Yes, I was also using NOX v.5.1.1 when checking that out. Looks correct on my v8.0 phone.

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Button widget

on track




thank you @BlynkAndroidDev


Hi @BlynkAndroidDev has anyone mentioned a possible glitch with the super graph not displaying the gradient colours correctly?

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Wow, I’ll check on my side and fix it. Thanks for the report

Also note that i am not able to resize the terminal widget in 2.27.2

Only Terminal? Its size? Did you tried double click on it?

Could move the widget but couldnt resize it.
It seems to be an issue with exiting widgets. However now that i added a new widget i can resize the new one and now also the existing ones…

Wow, that’s a super strange behavior. On the project’s screen reopen does this issue reproduces?

Does a double click on widget enable its resize frame?

Double click doesnt do anything, you have to click and hold and relase for the resize handles to appear.

double click works fine on my Android 6.

My bad, yes double click works for me as well. You just have to double click really fast.

I have noticed that buttons in the OFF setting no longer have the option for the coloured outline, only a full body intensity adjustment. Not a bad look actually :smiley: but would like the original option as well, if possible.


EDIT I just realised I had switched to, and thus am dealing with, Styled buttons instead of normal ones :blush: … so, disregard that part I guess.

But regardless what I try, I cannot change the ON text/label to any other color than WHITE. Every attempt keeps reverting to changing the OFF colour instead. Thus can’t have a white button look as informative, like say GREEN ON



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WebPage Button “Press Label” color can’t changing. Whenever I tried to change, it always change the “Idle Background” color. Please fix it. Thank You.

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Sounds just like my button label issue above. Probably something to do with the new color changer - FYI @BlynkAndroidDev