Android Open Beta. Version 2.27.1


More info. NB. This only happens with the beta version. Not on the current version. It’s looking like the issue is confined to widgets on screens under a tile.

My project starts off with a tab at the top with the first tab being all my tiles. The other tabs have screens with widgets and these widgets are OK. i.e. screens and widgets are not under a tile.

Now when I go into a tile this is what I see. You will note that most of the widgets are void of data from the server.

But now look what happens when I execute a screen dump of the above screen, save the dump to drop box, exit and default return to the blynk app :). Magic. Don’t worry about the hall, bathroom and en-suite. They have no data anyway. So this scenario has forced the widgets to be populated by server data. No other action can do this.

Another interesting scenario - note that the super chart that you fixed is OK whilst the other widgets are not.

Then as if by magic (because it is) after the screen dump to drop box and returning to blynk (not reloading blynk just returning).


Thanks, so it looks like your tiles are not getting the latest values for their widgets. I’ll check this behavior.


Can you send logs?


@koaiwi I’m uploading a build with several small fixes and a fix to your device tiles issue.

On home screen widgets:

  1. for their work when app is in background, project should be started
  2. provide me with your setup of any of the home screen widget - I’ll try to reproduce this issue again on my side


Can I just check. I will zero the logs then what would you like me to do (test scenario) before I send the logs.



Clear data will clear home screen widgets setup - I’ll make additional button near send logs for logs removal.


The widget setup in the application and/or the home screen? I’ll just do one widget first. The value label.

I’m trying to understand this. My terminology is not right. Do I understand that the home screen widgets should update ok if the project is not loaded as an active app (but logged in), loaded and in background and loaded and in foreground

If you are saying that it needs to be active and either in foreground or background then let me test again. My understanding was that if you were logged in and not active then it should update. This is how I have tested it.


Home screen widget is created on the base of a widget in the project. So for it’s work we need the project to be started (in the active state).

An yep, for sure it should work no matter of the state of Blynk app.


Ok let me test home screen widgets again when I test the latest beta for the widget data under tiles.


As of the version on play store at 7:45am uk time today the widget issue under tiles is still a problem. Did you load a new version?


It should had been available, had you seen ‘update’ button or ‘updated’ notification? Sometimes new builds takes more time to be loaded. In any case you can send me a log even for this issue - I’ll check what’s going on.


@BlynkAndroidDev. Tried again but still not seeing a fix. I’m not seeing how I can zero the logs. Can’t find info on the forum. Can you tell me then I’ll email them yo you.



  1. Settings -> Applications -> Blynk -> Clear app data and cache
  2. Reopen app and reproduce the bug, add home screen widget (button) - reproduce its bug
  3. Send logs



Ok logs emailed to you. I still need to retest the home screen widget based on what you told me yesterday. I think my expectations were different to the reality.


I’ve uploaded new beta build to Google Play:

  • Notification widget: better sound (and not only) customization logic on Android Oreo and later
  • Fixes for Device Tiles sync on tile open


when will you add the button image widgets ?


We are currently busy on other tasks, so I can not provide any estimates.


We released 2.27.1 to production and uploaded new beta 2.27.1 (difference with production is only in enabled logs and multi-window support for Android 7 and later), changes from previous version:

  • Segmented Control widget: support for tags selection as a target
  • Notification widget: better support on Android 8.0 and later
  • Timer widget: fix for high/low integer values
  • UI and Crash fixes


I suppose there could be several bug-fix updates till the new year, and in January we’ll start with 2.27.2 beta