Android Open Beta. Version 2.27.0 (Image widget)



I think he is talking about the phone led notification :wink:


I tried to download from my Dropbox too.
doesn’t work :wink:


It’s idge


I’ll check crash logs for your ‘blynk has stopped’ issue.

Image widget would not load dropbox URLs, as Dropbox provides a link to their page which shows the image, so it is not a direct link to the image. App is caching the loaded images, but clearing app’s data or similar actions will lead to a necessity to reload the images.


So, what exactly do you propose as a support for notification’s led?


We’ll also provide a way to show images from the device’s storage - but this functionality will not sync on several devices(


How about pulling images from server? Probably easier done on Local Server, but might be nice option for multi-device users.


That’s good when the phone is silent we can get notified of important information from smartphone LED indicator.


dropbox links work. just try different options :wink:

Open dropbox link to file in browser, then righ-click on the image > Copy Image Address


I could add some lights option to all blynk notifications by default


No, we will not provide upload of the images to the blynk server, such feature would require a lot not only development issues for us, starting from copyright, for example.


Thanks a lot. It’s very useful option if you adding to blynk


we could create a new section on community and share our image widgets ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


OK, convoluted… but it finally worked :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks.

I can understand the copyright issues on Cloud. But without some form of cross-device image sharing ability I see limited use for this in an IoThing(s) environment.


That’s why we have images’ ulr list - you can use any preferred images storage and app will download images from them


Hmmm… OK, I only have this working on my daily driver phone so far, so I wasn’t aware the URL list propagates across devices. I will have to dig up another tablet and see if it works with the beta.

Thanks :smiley:


OK, few new issues. First I was able to setup a simple image folder share on my Blynk server with python -m SimpleHTTPServer :smiley: (just for testing right now).

This worked great… but as I added more items, I saw that when trying to scroll to the Add Image button, the App was only moving my link choices around (However, it is nice how they can be re-sorted now)… so still some touch UI issues there.

However a big issue is when after adding all those links in my tablet… I opened the App on another phone, but instead of seeing the links, it erased ALL new links from the tablet (note time in App)… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: arrrggg… (mental note… do NOT tediously enter ALL the links when in Beta mode :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Also just saw that the widget on the phone doesn’t even show this much… (no vPin?)… this even after closing and restarting App.

It DID work with the initial image prior to adding all the rest… So some syncing issues perhaps?


the images disappeared suddenly :smile:





UPDATE: It seems to matter which device I use to enter the data on… since my phone was the first to install the beta App on, it seems to take priority and WILL sync to my Android 7.0 tablet… but not the other way around.


If you opened your project with images on a phone with older version, something like missing fields could be possible, but I will check possible not saving images to the server issues.