Android Open Beta. Version 2.27.0 (Image widget)

On size, numeric widget on 2 cells width will be impossible to use due to plus/minus buttons. Text Input - who knows, maybe. @Pavel what do you think?

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sorry , I have to attach a pin to put a dot :smile:
now it’s ok

maybe 3 cells ?
is it possible to have 3 decimals instead of 2 ?

You need to select pin, floats are supported only on virtual pins, so only after pin selection their support will be enabled

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@BlynkAndroidDev has the button issue been fixed? I’m not seeing it fixed.

@Dmitriy has the daylight saving issue been fixed? As indicated before the problem only exists on the day the clocks shift. The following day the issue of the time widget goes away so we all say ok until the next time the clicks shift😂

Different topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ah just downloaded latest beta and buttons ok now. I didn’t get notifications. If new version of I missed it


new release kills my images
How can I retrieve the links ? :thinking:

@BlynkAndroidDev is any plan for android LED notification indicator?

I have a problem with font size

same font size for both

and I need 3 decimals in numeric input, and 2 or 3 cells wide :thinking:

Large font size is for larger than default height of number input.

Is it not working with this beta builds? What Android version do you have? Starting from Oreo you can enable/disable lights by yourself in settings -> notifications -> blynk

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I have no idea why they are missing, as there were no changes with image widget. Did you used this account on a device with older apps version or iOS? Or are you on the server that’s has latest version?

No not working. I have android 5.1.1

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Ok, I’ll check again, in nearest releases I’ll fix it

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i don’t know, but don’t worry , it is only a beta.

yes , so I reduce to middle size.
what about decimals and cells ?

3 decimals will be done later I need to sync with iOs and make sure this changes would not broke anything. On lesser width - I’ll update later

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thanks so much for your time and consideration.

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Guys we made several fixes and also added to TimeInput possibility to select time format with seconds. It will be released soon as a production version, and later I’ll upload new beta with enabled logs and maybe some additional fixes.

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