Android Bluetooth connection problems

We’re able to communicate using IOS devices just fine using the BETA Bluetooth app. Android kicks on and kicks off over and over again. Here are two videos that describe what is happening:

Working on IOS

Not working on Android (Only thing we changed was the authentication token for the Android)

We’re using an Arduino 101 by the way, and firmware is up to date, and we’re using Intel Curie 1.0.7 The 2.0 version doesn’t seem to work with anything…

I only have one BLE device, and it seems very fickle on what Android device it will work on; Out of the two phones and two tablets that support BLE, it only works sometimes on the older phone and only “reliably…ish” on the older tablet… this seem to be the case with anything, not just Blynk.

PS, your video links didn’t work for me… just the constant rotating circle.

Please specify app’s versions on IOs and Android and Android device model and OS version too. maybe @vshymanskyy could recommend correct intel curie version.

Sorry we’re blocked by intel, it takes so long for them to update the curie library…

So I’m using your app in my class with my high school students. Are you saying Android will not work then period?

@Matt_Fuller sorry but as you might have noticed, Arduino 101 isn’t stable and there’s no point on improving Blynk support for V1 firmwares, as Intel is going to update them at some point anyway.

The unfortunate part is that we just purchase over 160 of the Arduino 101s about a year ago, and now Intel is discontinuing them. We’re going to have to find a solution for future projects, so I guess until then we’ll just have to make the IOS version of Blynk work, and find another app for Android. Bummer, we really like Blynk!

Yes we know that. This is really unfortunate, but I would wait until they release fixes for V2.
Probably this will fix most issues with Arduino 101 <-> Blynk as well.

@Matt_Fuller please watch for updates.
You can also vote for resolution