All organization users see and manage all devices

Yesterday a user of my organization (my father) contacted me and said that he sees a lot of devices , not only the ones that he owns. Also other 2 users of my organization also sees all organizations devices. This wasn’t like that (last couple of years that i use blynk IOT). I own a plus plan.
What happened?

What user type do these people have (user, staff, admin)?


Users pete all of them. And i am the administrator.

And as i can see users are allowed to see organization devices? since when? when did that change?

I have no idea.
Blynk seem to be making various changes to these defaults without telling anyone, and they don’t seem consistent across all servers either…


So i am waiting for @Dmitriy i guess to put it back were it was.

I have no idea, the whole permissions thing is a mess if you ask me.


Hello, @Liq. I checked your subscription, your server is fra1 and PLUS plan.
Yesterday there was an adjustment of permissions.

According to your screenshot, this is correct. Users with role user can see all devices of the organization. These are now the default permissions.


Are you kidding me? These are the default permissions? But i dont want that change. Please change them back to what it was during the last 1+ years. Why dont you shutdown my account as well. Or even better ,why dont you take contol of my devices?

@Liq These are the default permissions for all users, all plans and all servers. And not just for you. I checked which server you are using.

I am only a technical worker. And I inform you about View devices Organization Devices permission. Now it turn on by default for users with role users.

It is also very strange that you had this setting turned off before. Since this is an old Permission. And it was always enabled before for all users.

This Permission on the servers have just been updated.

Is there a place that shows what the default permissions are for FREE and PLUS accounts? It feels like these have changed a few times, and I suspect there is a possibility they could change again (as things progress and the HIGHER UPS make decisions). It would be nice to have a place that people could reference that shows the defaults (maybe with a disclaimer that they could change at any time).

This is not in the documentation yet.

It seems that the roles and permissions are set back to normal. Users do not see organization’s devices . Users only see owned devices. Thanks for hearing me Blynk Team!. @Oleksii-QA sorry for the tone but I was unpleasantly surprised by the unexpected change! :slight_smile: