Alexa does not update blynk please provide code for it

I got my project to work with blynk and Alexa but I wanna know if it’s possible to update blink every time I control a relay via Alexa. Say when I tell Alexa to switch the fan on, it should update on the blynk app that the fan switch is on. Also at the same time, I should be able to control from the blynk app as well.

It works as you want using Google Assistant, IFTTT and Blynk so it should work with Alexa also…
Are you updating Virtual pins via Alexa?

Works well with Alexa, Node-Red, MQTT and Blynk as well.


yes using virtual pin and google assistant worked using ifttt.
but alexa wont work that way.

sorry, I didn’t understand. please tell me more about it. how can I sink both Alexa and blynk app?
which method do you prefer to connect Alexa and blynk with nodemcu?

My method uses Node-Red as the main controller, which runs on a Raspberry Pi and integrates both Blynk and Alexa.
The devices being controlled by Blynk/Alexa are controlled by sending them MQTT messages.

Our problem is that you haven’t shared any information about the Blynk/Alexa integration you’re using. There are many different ways of achieving Alexa control, and therefore many different possible solutions to your issue.


i use blynk for alexa for application and sinric platform to control i need connection between them.
what if we use only nodemcu and alexa to switch relay how can they update each other?

Maybe if you shared your NodeMCU code (correctly formatted with triple backticks of course) and details of the app widgets that you’d like to synchronise the we might be able to assist.