After years without a problem, my Blynk IOT is malfunctioning

Several years ago, I posted my Way smarter lights project to the Blink forum. It automates the lights in my apartment, based on sunrise / sunset times, as well as my location. The lights can also be manually controlled through Alexa, iOS shortcuts, and the Blink app. After several years of excellent reliability, 3 of the 4 devices it controls have stopped listening to the Blynk app and IOS shortcuts (GET requests). The most recent change to the code was back when Blynk 2.0 launched, which was quite a while back. Has something changed on the server side?

Yes, the enforces the rule that each device must have a unique auth token.

My guess is that your four devices all use the same auth token. Is that correct?


Yes, that must be it. Thanks Pete.

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@PeteKnight Hey Pete, I know that we can only have 1 device per token now, but can I choose which device gets that token, or am I stuck with the one the server “chose” ?

I don’t really understand the question.

If you have multiple devices with the same token all trying to request a connection to the server then based on what others have said in the links I provided it will be the last device to connect which stays online.

But the solution is to create multiple devices in Blynk, and they will all have unique Auth tokens, and to allocate one Auth token to each hardware device.