After years still no XY scatter plot

I have been asking for this pretty much once a year for YEARS and still not a simple XY plot to make Blynk actually useful for data collection and plotting of diverse type of data.

Anyone has any idea if there a workaround?

Maybe you should submit the idea here…


The roadmap site hasn’t been going for more than a few months, and I can’t see any mention of X-Y scatter chart there.


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Before this so called ‘roadmap’ there was a ‘suggestions’ tab in the forum. A simple google search can reveal the first time I asked for this and all the subsequent times I have asked again and again.

I’m trying to help by suggesting that you add it to the current place where improvement and feature requests are recorded; and where like-minded people can vote on them to indicate that they would also find it useful.

If you don’t feel like doing that then it’s no hardship to me.


Just cause you keep asking, doesn’t mean they will make it a priority. Their focus is on their commercial, subscription, paying customers. We tend to get to reap those benefits when new widgets/improvements are made. If you really need it that bad, I suggest you become one of the type of customers I mentioned above. I am sure they will then work with you on a XY Scatter Plot.

I know you are trying to help. Please do not take my frustration with this issue with hostility towards you.

I have submitted it to the roadmap too. But I don’t think anything will actually happen.

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I understand your frustration, but you are the one requesting this feature so far. There are way more requested features and it’s pretty obvious we will be focusing on them.

We recently implemented Web Link button which will open a web browser inside of Blynk app. Maybe this could be a temporary solution for your taks?

There are a few others requesting it too, but only a few of us.

How does a web browser solve this situation?

Then create a request in the new roadmap so that this can be quantified :wink: I posted all my naggy requests there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You can use some 3rd party vizualisaition service and push Blynk data there


I have been with Blynk since it started. I helped increase its visibility and introduced it to my audience on YouTube more than two years ago. I just want a simple XY graphing mechanism which surely can’t be that difficult for you guys to add since you have advance graphing already available.

The whole point of Blynk is to have an all-in-one solution. If I have to start patching things together, then I will just do everything elsewhere.

What is your YouTube Channel Name, I’d love to check out you BLYNK Videos and Projects. Heck you may even pick up a subscriber.

Since that “advanced graphing” came from a commercial client before we got it… perhaps you can also contribute with a commercial job that might eventually filter down to the rest of us contributors (time, money, code, publicity, crayons…) whom are also awaiting requests.


You should understand how software is built:

  1. UX designers work on the use cases, modularity, flexibility, etc, to make sure widget will cover as many use-cases as possible
  2. Then they define UI for the settings and for main view
  3. Then they prepare requirements
  4. Requirements are passed to back-end engineers. They create a model
  5. Requirements are passed to iOS and Android engineers and they start developing
  6. Iterative process of refining, bug fixing, UI fixes, UX fixes, testing on various platforms happens next.
  7. Designers prepare additional assets
  8. Ideally someone writes documentation with screenshots
  9. Build gets ready for Beta
  10. Testing Beta
  11. Build gets ready for Production
  12. Apps are going through publishing and review process
  13. New bugs found and fixed based on your feedback.

If you think it’s easy, you are very welcome to join our team working about 10-12 hours per day (and on weekends) and we’d happily share this inspiring process of creating something amazing with you.

Ohh… pick me, pick me… i is good coder :crazy_face: (Disclaimer… I do most of my thinking in dream mode… aka :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping: for most of those hours)… when can I start :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I am familiar with how software is developed. Infact my bachelor degree was in computer engineering. My PhD is in Electronics, so admmitadly software isn’t my core expertise.

My point wasn’t that it is easy, my point is that since you aren’t starting from scratch and have a huge library of GUI elements and even plotting codes, it would be easier than having to do all of it from zero.

I also undrestand that this is just a request from a random user and it is not your main concerns. I was just hoping that after so many years of waiting, it would have been available by now.

As for your last comment, I run a research team where I work, and I am no stranger for working long hours. I hope eventually you get to create the XY plotter since it would allow me to use it in more of my videos and even at work.

Best of luck,

Thanks Toro. My videos are mostly focoused in adavanced microwave instrumentation, repair and design. Occasionally I do other kind of videos like the one for Blynk.

1 star review on Google Play for Blynk for the absense of 1 feature? Is that a real evaluation of the app value for you?

If you think it motivates anyone on the team to bring your feature request higher in the list, you are wrong, unfortunately.

Anyway, thanks for staying with Blynk even in despite of your deep frustration.

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For someone who works 12 hour days you seem to have a lot of time to spend on the forum jumping at the users.

I don’t use Google Play. I don’t own a single android device.

And finally, you are threatening that your team won’t listen to my request because you think I left the app bad review for missing a function I want? What is this, high school?!

Just stop. I really don’t care anymore. I regret even asking for this damn XY plot.