After years still no XY scatter plot


Sorry if it wasn’t you. The review was replicating your topic with exact wording. My apologies.

Yes, unlike other companies we do read every single comment and every single review. Because we care.

And yes, getting a 1 star review for a working app that doesn’t have some feature is fustrating AF. I can’t hold it, because it’s our baby. Can’t blame me for that.

I wasn’t threatening anyone. It’s just your perception of it. I just said that whoever thinks that diminishing someone’s hard work helps to achieve their goals is ineffective.

Again, my sincere apologies if it wasn’t your review.


No, that’s me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: not @pavel… he is too busy building Blynk… I simply volunteer my time to keep some small degree of order.

I sure couldn’t find anything resembling the definition… perhaps going back to High School is a good idea for someone?

I still haven’t seen your request on the Roadmap… Too bad, I would have added my agreement to it, primarily becasue I like experimenting with different display options.


It certainly is not my review. But I can sympathize with your emotional attachment.

I also never diminished anyone’s work. The video I made about Blynk now has 33,556 views on YouTube and was posted Dec. 2015. This was a critical time for your company because it was right when more and more people needed to discover your work. I tried to contribute and help your cause and asked for nothing in return.

A year later I asked for XY plotter, and again each six months. This is the whole story. Good luck.


Dude… you are not the only one helping Blynk along… just add the bleeping request to the official roadmap (if not already done) so they can track actual interest… whining doesn’t accomplish much, I know, I try :rofl:


No one is whining. I was accused of something I didn’t do, so I responded. As far as I am concerned this conversation was done days ago.

Finally, I have submitted it, doesn’t show up. Don’t know why.

Can this thread just stop already? Just everyone, stop. Nothing new to say.


Two separate issues… one resolved (mistaken identity) the other you kept bringing up… :wink:

OK, thanks. it will take time to process… I will add my interest when I see it.

Just trying to help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but “by your command”, closing topic.



It is on the road map now… add your vote and reasoning (if not already done).