Advice wireless lighting with Blynk

With help and guidance in the past I have 3 plug in lamps that I control using relays and Blynk these are hard wired and I have cables trailing all over the house
I only use these when I go on holiday
I want to try and improve my coding skill in a practical way what is the best way of going wireless could I combine esp8266 with Bluetooth so I am able to switch different lamps on from my holiday destination or go with esp8266 and 1off 433mhz transmitter and 3 off 433mhz receivers
Thank you

To be honest, the best way is to use plug-in Wi-Fi controlled switches. These have an ESP8266 family of processor built-in and you can re-program them to run Blynk code (although they do have their own app that allows you to control them without the use of Blynk).

For my UK sockets I use the Sonoff S20 devices…

They are actually a bit bulky in my opinion, and for our holiday home in Spain I prefer some of the smaller devices, like these:


Thanks Pete
I will need to read up on how I can have 3 SonOff controlled by 1 sketch but at least I will be kept busy
Regards oldvolt

Not sure if you mean 3 Sonoff’s controlled by one project in the Blynk app?
If so then that’s easy, you just add three ESP8266 WiFi devices to your project in the app and give them meaningful names.
When you add a widget to control one of the Sonoffs then you just pick which one you want to link to within the widget setup screen.

If you want to have just one version of the sketch which can be used with each of the devices then you’ll need to use something like WifiManager to allow you to configure each device with its respective Blynk Auth code (each device added to the app has a unique Auth code).
Personally, i’d Just have three versions of the app, each with a different Auth code hard-codes into it, at least to begin with.