Add users to project in blynk 2.0?

From the web dashboard go to the organization that owns the device. Then on the left side column you should see Devices, Locations, Organizations, and users. Click on “my organization members” then on the right top corner of the page should be “+ Invite New User”. Enter name, email, and set “Role” to User and then invite.

This is impossible in the PLUS plan. You can only give access to all devices to all members. Sharing you want is not yet done.

You can invite your wife to your organization, and she will get access to all devices.

:grimacing: Good thing I didn’t upgrade plan.

I forgot to add this step to my “instructions”. So ya, you need to also invite the new user.

Also from what I gather. Users in the organization/sub-organization will see all devices in that organization/sub-organization. Thus, if you only want the user to see one device you must add a new sub-organization. If you are OK with that user seeing/using all of your devices, you can just add them to your main organization. Hope that makes sense.

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Aaaand… i rest my case.

It`s not possible to share one of my devices with plus plan.

Yes, possible. Just requires multiple steps as outlined above.

Yes, I this is where the confusion arises, along with some of the default settings and teh way that the Blynk web dashboard works.

If you want to share ALL of your devices with a person or group of people, it’s quite simple.
Just invite that person, and choose a role for them in the Invite User screen.

Two things to look out fore here, which I think Blynk need to address….

  1. The default role in the Invite User screen is Admin. I’m sure that business users would prefer this to default to User, so you don’t accidentally create lots of people with admin rights
  2. The default permissions for Users are no permissions at all. They should at least be able to view devices and organisational devices by default.

If you want to give people access to some devices, but not others, then that’s where you have to create a sub-organisation, to access a sub-set of devices.

The thing that I find confusing is that I have just my top-level organisation which I’ve called “Pete’s Blynk Organisation” (as you can imagine, a lot of time went into dreaming up that name :grinning:), but when I click the Search screen it shows this:

and the Organisations button on the side-bar shows this:


Clearly I do have the top-level organisation, and maybe these sub-organisations should be called “Sub-Organisations”, or maybe the top-level organisation should be called something different (Account maybe?).




Do not tell me that i am the only one that finds this confusing :slight_smile:

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We never had any confusion with organizations till this thread. Most likely because new platfrtom was used by businesses only. And for them it’s very clear that: I have my organization, and I have clients or maybe branches or other entities under me. Maybe organization is a Country, who knows? The main idea is that it’s possible to create a tree hierarchy in a flexible manner.

Secondly, individuals under PLUS plan will not access Organizations feature overall. No feature = no confusion. And it’s really simple to use: just enter your wife’s email, boom - you are done. Blynk takes care of the rest. Also:

  1. This is how majority of smarthome apps work for user invites.
  2. If you have examples of popular smarthome apps which allow you to share certain devices with certain people - send us the links.

The concept of individual device sharing is nice, for sure, but we don’t believe it’s widely applicable. A much more common scenario is to give your family a way to control stuff. Sharing is caring, right? :slight_smile:

  • good point. Will fix asap.

You’d be surprised, but it’s not the case. Every organization has their own vision on what’s default. This is why it’s up to the user, how to set up permissions per role

You’ve been confused because of the glitch that gave you access to Organizations. Under PLUS account you shouldn’t have seen this.



Question somewhat related to this topic.

Is there a was to temporarily pause/suspend a users access to an organization?

No. However, I like the idea. We need to consider it.


you are sooo right ! the new blynk is geared towards more for the corporate world and not the weekend tinker guy. but hey do you blame them ! hell no, they are making money and that is the most important thing in this world…

I wan’t to add several devices to the same dashboard. I want for example 4x gauges from two different devices to show on the same page in app. That worked fine in old blynk app, men not in the new app.

I have to rebuild all my circuits to achieve that. If i just could use the old blynk app, but that will be fased out…

This is a nightmare for me.

Hopefully that should be solved when projects are introduced. In the meantime you could use Bridge code using the API to create an overview device.


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Yes, this is part of “Projects” or probably “Deshboards”, which will be composable by non-developers as well.

I hope that theese changes happend before the old blynk shuts off…

hello …