Add users to project in blynk 2.0?

How can i add users that can use one of mye devices from another phone with blynk app?

I have an own template where i have added my garage door opener. I want my wife and my mother to have access to open/close garage door, but i do not want them to edit the project.

How can i do that?

It’s always recommended to start with the docs. We are putting a lot of effort into it.

Settings > Users > + Invite.

Enter their name, email address & role


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I have invited a test user (my self with an another email). I have selected one of my templates/projects to show for that user.

When i log in as this user in the app, i can’t see anything. Just an blank screen where i get asked to add an device.

Same here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
You have to add a device , but it is not shared .
The device is offline and it is not the same ID, nor the same auth :thinking:

Just another thing that was much easier in the old Blynk app… i have shared the template with an user, but the user can`t see it when he log inn… strange…

I see all datastream in the dashboard and all the widgets
but status says offline, and if you look at ID and auth, they are not the same than the owner one
I must have missed something :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Change user role from user to staff and try it.

I have tried to change user role to “staff” asnd that didn`t helped…

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@Bjerknez you invited the user to sub-organization. Right? In that case, you need to transfer the device to the sub-organization if you want the invited user to see it. As devices are grouped by the organization. It provides much more flexibility than old sharing (yes, it was simpler).

I described current sharing flows in Device Sharing - Blynk Documentation

Please let me know if you make it work.

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Yes, i have add the new user to an sub organization.

But how do i share one of mye devices/templates with an another user that only have the right to use it, and not edit it?

I do not want to “transfer” it because i want to use tha garage port opener also.

SĂĄ my question is, how can i share the access to one of my devices/templates?


@Bjerknez that’s covered in the doc above. If you have 1 user to share you can invite him in your org (not sub org) and transfer the ownership and leave only OWN_DEVICE permission.

Even after the transfer you have access to this device. You can find it in the search, by selecting “all devices”.

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It stands what we have to do in docs, but not how we actually do it. Thats the problem. I can transfer the device to an other user. No problem. The device shows up in the new users app. All good.

But the device i transfered dissapears from MY app. I do not want to transfer it. Just share it.


So here is what I did to share the device. In the Web Console you have to create a new sub organization. Once that sub organization is created, from your main organization go to the organization tab and select the newly created sub organization. Under templates, select edit and add the template for the device you want to add, and then save. Now go to the search tab under Organizations, select my organizations. Hover the mouse pointer over the name of the sub organization and select Switch To. You should now be in the search tab for the sub organization. Now add new device. This will generate all of the info for a new device. You will need to use/load this new auth code to the device. Next go to the settings tab for the sub organization, and under roles and permissions edit the permissions for each type of role (I had to allow the user to see devices and control devices). At this point the user should see the device in their app. In your app you will need to click the little person in the upper left corner (I am using android, not sure about the app interface for apple), and then the little building (Organizations). In Organizations Settings, switch the organization to the one you just created, and then exit the settings. You should now see the device in that organization.

You have to switch back and forth to the different organizations that your devices are in. I guess that’s the burden of being an admin.

Phew. That was a lot of steps. Hopefully this helps you, or someone.

Holy s*** thats a complicated way to share a device! … why? Why??

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You can share the device via ownership transfer. In that case, you don’t need to do anything.

That’s the most typical business case you can imagine:

  • You made a device you want to sell
  • You found 3 different clients you sold your device to
  • You create 3 suborganizations. Now, you transfer or provision the devices on site when you are within sub orgnaization
  • As result every client sees only his own device
  • You see all devices (from the search or via org switch)

Does that make sense?


While I am getting better at using the new BLYNK 2.0 (and seeing some of the advantages), I have come to realize that it is more geared towards businesses. The new features give more flexibility to manage types of users, devices, groups, etc… Something most of us DIYers don’t really need.

I think that is the main difference between the old and new. Original BLYNK was more for the DIY person tinkering at home, BLYNK 2.0 is more for the Business person looking to deploy a new product.

  1. i do not want to sell. I wil share it.
  2. i want to share it with my family.
  3. why do i have to make an organization for sharing? I understand, but that make no sense.
  4. ok.
  5. the last part i do not understand.

No “client”, no comercial. I just want to SHARE one of my devices with my family.

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I have one device in my organization and have shared access to multiple user so they can read data from it but not modify it. It wasn’t hard to do.

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Can you then make an point to point explanation on how you did it?