Add one hour at the time input in template

Yesterday in europe was the day of changing time in our timezone

I noticed that :slight_smile:

  • one hour was added to all input time widget on all templates

  • if I change the time input value in the widget, the requisted valeur cannot be entered, one hour is automatically added

  • it works as previous described until 23h:59:59, and the day after, the +1h stopped

is this a bug or the normal way it should work on the day of time change ?

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Where did you change the time zone?

Same in France, I solved it by restarting all devices :sob:

Hello, @Blynk_Coeur Where did you change the time zone? Web, mobile? Organiztaion settings?

Or is it a change in your time zome?

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I changed nothing.
In France at 2AM we changed to 3AM (DST)
But nothing changed on blynk clock and time input widget behaved oddly.
After resetting, all devices was ok.

I think I found the problem
I have

setSyncInterval(900 * 1000); //  (=10 days)

I change to

setSyncInterval(60 * 10); // (=10 minutes)

I have to wait next DST :joy:

In France

the device and the smartphone are in the same timezone

I did’nt use “setSyncInterval”

I just notice that the inputs on the template are incremented by 1 hour and impossible to set a time

if you input 9h it becomes 10h
if you input 10h it becomes 11h


but today it’s finished the probleme was ONLY the day of change

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