Accses to multiple devices

What was done in version 2.0.0 - a project with many devices - very good,
but we always want more. Unfortunately, this solution does not allow to see
the entire project for each device. This is important because a device
that manages the some object has:

  • Dashboards 1 - facilities of providing information about the current state of the object,
    parameters values, etc.
  • Dashboards 2 - facilities of settings and adjustments (sliders, buttons, etc.)
  • Dashboards 3 - historical data (if necessary and possible).
    So what I would like?
    I would like to using the buttons in the properties that are listed tokens of devices, to have the access to projects of each device in full like we are working with one project.

Thanks. Already in todo list.

Thank You. Very nice. I wiil wait.

@klg within 30 minutes there will be update with requested feature.