2 way lighting circuit control with blynk and feedback updates

but wouldnt you know as the light would be lit up !!! and also the blynk app would tell you ?

HI sir

your program interesting but i am making for 4 channel can you modify sketch for 2 channel so very easily i hope you understand my problem

thanks sir

very easy indeed which is why my vrbls have a 1 after them just duplicate everything ie RELAY2_PIN AC_Sens2_pin etc etc but within the same void loops ie AC_detect etc

hope that makes sense - I am using 9 channels when I implement this



@Khatrichaitanya As I have already asked twice, I moved your 4 channel code into your own post and removed your posting in the two other topics you had interjected into.

Please use your own topic to request any assistances. Thank you.

@Gunner thanks for separating this out bud makes a lot more sense to me now as well!!!



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Hi sir, may i ask a diagram on how you wire them all especially on the relay, 2way switch and the isolation.

Thank you in advance.

hi i just want to just this will be the isolation testing board right?

While this forum is NOT about Mains wiring… and ALL MAINS wiring recommendations and diagrams “should” be treated as for “PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY!”… some may “forget” to read the fine print, or may not understand it, and after glancing at the pretty picture, say, oh, I’ll try that.

You should make sure any diagrams are VERY clear that there is to be a mains isolated sensor in-between your gray wire and any MCU.

But can you help me on how he wire the whole project?

im using a 12v power supply with the same exact project but i am using a raspberry pi instead of arduino…

Hi Gunner,

I thought that was pretty clear in the text with the diagram - the grey wire does go to the mains logic board which is an optoisolated 240v mains to ttl logic signals. So the grey wire does indeed go to the input side(mains) of the mains to logic board.



I’m not sure what you want to do here it’s getting a little lost in translation. If you are not using mains then I have a totally different setup that uses 5v ttl signals from the light switch to operate a two circuit



Yes… but I was responding to @leomaralmonte, whom seemed unsure… marking the motion sensor and indicating that it was the isolated testing board??

I honestly thought he had added in the grey wire and words instead of diagram for the isolated sensor… I was comparing to your initial diagram (I missed seeing the modified one mid-way). My bad on that one.

That said, I would have still put in an image of the “mains to 5v logic board” instead of lots of words… but then I am a visual learner :wink:

ah see where you are coming from @Gunner !!! I might update the pic for him - it is very up in the thread as well but hey ho !!

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Updated pic hope this helps my friend - again if you are not familiar with working with MAINS VOLTAGE DO NOT GO THERE - IT CAN AND WILL KILL !!!

I have removed the PIR for clarity and added the 240vAC to TTL optoisolated board and showed wiring

These boards are from ebay link further up in this thread

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Pic updated @Gunner hope thats ok ?



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Awesome! Thank you sir! We were having a capstone project but we dont have any idea on circuits and electronics. This will help us alot! thank you!

Just one quick question. where does the yellow and green stripes wire connected to on the relay? Thank you in advance.


I am really worried that you do not understand enough about mains wiring here to attempt this project. the green and yellow striped wire is the earth for the circuit. It does not connect anywhere on the relay.

Do you know what the circuit is actually designed for and what it is doing with the blynk app ???

@Gunner back me up here !!!

240VAC and 12VDC circuits can be drastically different. This is a Blynk forum, not a self-administered shock therapy advice line :wink: No more electrical questions please… go talk to a professional electrician for that, else your Capstone might become your Headstone.