128 Virtual Pins for Arduino Uno

Hello guys,

i try to increase the virtuals pins of my blynk project - usung arduino uno- from 31 to 128.
I have uncomment a line in BlynkConfig.h with
// Uncomment to force-enable 128 virtual pins
#define BLYNK_USE_128_VPINS
I use the latest blynk library BLYNK_VERSION “0.6.1” and my set up is for local blynk server.

Please advice

There is a good reason why the UNO doesn’t have 128 virtual pins - it’s memory and processing speed don’t lend themselves to this many virtual pins.

However, if you want to proceed then you should read this:



Thanks Pete for your reply.
My case.
I write data (Blynk HTTP RESTful API) with http to virtual pins of my project. That device is connected to the same local network as the blynk local server and it is not a blynk client. So, the request is for writing a value to a virtual pin, of the project which runs in a arduino uno.
That virtual pins does not affect in arduino hardware.
In one blynk project I have same extra values except the data of arduino.
Question 1:In case of increasing the virtual pins to 128, does this increase memory used and processing speed?
Question 2 : In case of increasing the virtual pins, I have to change in my blynk project the device from Arduino uno to generic, as I read, and I will lose all widget data. How can I recovery them?

Thanks in advance

It certainly increases memory useage. It doesn’t have an effect on processing speed, that is defined by the crystal on the board, but the slow processing speed of the board, combined with many more virtual pins will make it harder for the board to “keep up” and is more likely to result in problems, latency and disconnections. In reality, I think you’re going to run out of memory first, which will result in your board crashing unexpectedly.

Re- assign the virtual pins manually when you’ve changed the board type.