1 week Super Chart not showing data


Super Chart use to work without a problem, yesterday my 1 week graph stop showing data as you can see below.

Cloud or Local Server…

Android or iOS?

App version?

Library version?

Any changes you made to the script, etc?

How about the Super Chart settings?

Looks like you might have changed something as you are getting some data on the weekly view.

Android S7
Blynk Provisioning - cloud.
App 2.20.3
Lib 0.5.2

No changes on the script, yesterday I had data and today only get dots (every 24hours)… As you can see 1 month and 1 day still showing normally.

Have you restarted the App… perhaps even uninstalled and reinstalled?

If you pull a CSV copy of the data and look at it… does it show the missing data or not?

@ldb Hello, is that device Tiles?

Tried re installing the app.
Yes, device tiles.

@BlynkAndroidDev seems like app issue due to changed granularity?
@ldb did you update app yesterday?

Nope. 1 week graph run fine for 3/4 days and yesterday (5th) got the dots

.CSV file still normal

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@ldb please try also to check with the latest app version.

@Dmitriy fixed and also fixed Terminal Duplicated entries


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