zeRGBA vs standard RGB+HSV color picker


I have been a Blynk paid user for quite a while now. Great stuff.

One current widget that always bothers me is the zeRGBA โ€“ in particular, the RGB colour picker implementation.

The colour space of zeRGBa is visually confusing as it is hard to see the colour space itself. The graphic element of an x-rayed zebra is amusing, but gets tiring after a while. More importantly, due to this RGB colour space implemented, there is no easy way to set HSV from the picker, which I reckon is also partly the reason why a white dot (for 255,255,255) had to be added to the upper left corner.

It would be good to have a โ€˜regularโ€™ colour picker for instances where we need to pick RGB/HSV values easily. It is very typical for lighting control interfaces to expose both RGB/HSV controls, so why not implement this as well?

Hereโ€™s an example of a colour wheel that allows both HSV/RGB selection:

Perhaps there isnโ€™t enough screen real estate (and therefore accuracy) to handle such a colour wheel at the current widget size, but a UI toggle can be added to switch between coarse/fine-tuning of the colour picker selector. Similar to the way a gaming mouse can adjust its dpi tracking to allow more precise tracking.

(Of course, for ultimate precision, we can use sliders to map RGB/HSV individually to our liking, but Iโ€™m putting forward this suggestion specific to the improvement of the zeRGBa).



Itโ€™s almost 2019 and there is still no alternative to the Zebra :frowning:


Maybe you should submit an improvement request here: