ZeRGBa apparently not reporting in on Android, iOS OK

Hi Blynk. It appears the ZeRGBa widget on Android is not being heard by BLYNK_WRITE.
ZeRGBa works fine on iOS.

I am happy to supply code if it will help.

Blynk IoT
Windows 10
Android and iOS (iPad)
ESP32 and ESP32-S2 running v2.0.1
ZeRGBa is connected to a String datastream.

  • Datastream is correctly parsed when sending from iOS,
  • BLYNK_WRITE is not triggered when sending from Android.

Thanks for all.


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Yes, @PeteKnight saw soemthing I didn’t see. That widget needs some care both iOS and Android. .

If we’re taking votes, I like the zeRGBa widget, want to use it in a Candle Lamp project I’m playing with (battery-powereed ESP32-S2).

ZeRGBa has some significant design flaws from my point of view, which have been discussed previously.
I’d prefer to use a regular colour picker than the zebra themed one.


But it is FUN!
I use ZeRGBa whenever I demo Blynk to someone, techie or not.

I was just wondering, have you tried the the new RGB Light Control widget ?

I found that ZeRGBa doesnt work on Android since version 1.3.7. I downgrade to 1.3.6 and it works perfectly.

downgrade to 1.3.6, it’ll work.

Any chance we will get this fixed, because it is still broken in 1.3.12… I’m not exactly stoked about paying for the other RGB picker, nor changing it to three separate sliders…

Especially since downgrading an app is pain in the butt too, especially since that project isn’t for me but a friend.

@Eugene FYI

@LucyTheBrazen Issue has been solved, zeRGBa widget is now working properly.