ZeRGBa apparently not reporting in on Android, iOS OK

Hi Blynk. It appears the ZeRGBa widget on Android is not being heard by BLYNK_WRITE.
ZeRGBa works fine on iOS.

I am happy to supply code if it will help.

Blynk IoT
Windows 10
Android and iOS (iPad)
ESP32 and ESP32-S2 running v2.0.1
ZeRGBa is connected to a String datastream.

  • Datastream is correctly parsed when sending from iOS,
  • BLYNK_WRITE is not triggered when sending from Android.

Thanks for all.


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Yes, @PeteKnight saw soemthing I didn’t see. That widget needs some care both iOS and Android. .

If we’re taking votes, I like the zeRGBa widget, want to use it in a Candle Lamp project I’m playing with (battery-powereed ESP32-S2).

ZeRGBa has some significant design flaws from my point of view, which have been discussed previously.
I’d prefer to use a regular colour picker than the zebra themed one.


But it is FUN!
I use ZeRGBa whenever I demo Blynk to someone, techie or not.

I was just wondering, have you tried the the new RGB Light Control widget ?

I found that ZeRGBa doesnt work on Android since version 1.3.7. I downgrade to 1.3.6 and it works perfectly.

downgrade to 1.3.6, it’ll work.