Zapier and blynk integration

Sir i am use a nodemcu to control relay with blynk and it works but i need to configure blynk and zapier together where use a command to on the relay but zapier is showing me one or the another error pls can anyone reply

Nobody uses zapier? pls i need a solution to this pls

This is one of the error i am getting

Always better to use GET rather than PUT in my experience, along with the correct GET syntax.
It’s also best to test the command by pasting it into the address bar of your browser before moving on to using it in Zapier/IFTTT


WHAT is the Correct Get syntax


sir but i need a tutorial

Everything you need to know about the Blynk side of reading and writing to virtual pins using Zapier is contained in this topic:

and the API documentation that I’ve already linked to.

As far as the Google Assistant side of things is concerned, that’s really outside of the scope of this forum.