how i get 2nd time YourAuthToken in my email ? i lost my YourAuthToken . when i click “E-mail” in blynk app is shows " sending… token sent to your email" , but i am not received YourAuthToken. plz help .

Check your spam folder.

Except for spam folder, you could always copy all project’s tokens by copy button - it would save token(s) to your smartphone clipboard, so you could paste the copied text anywhere.

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already check … but no mail from Blynk .

Please use “Send” button for now.

plz check the picture . already click many times those option but till now i am not received any mail …
& presently i am not receive any mail from blynk if i make any new project in my blynk app , thats why … i have to check "Auth token from my blink application " but not received mail

Did mail work for you previously?

yes ,
this problem occur last 2 days

@rajendra Until you figure out the app email issue, and similar to what @BlynkAndroidDev mentioned, you can long press on the auth code (marked in orange), and on release, you should see a quick message that it was copied to clipboard. Then in your phones email program, you can paste it and email to yourself.

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ok , thank you …
but its not a permanent solution

Sure. We just published update. It should help?