Your server returned a 400. Unable to make web request

I want to light with esp32+blynk+ifttt+google assistant’s voice command
im using new blynk 2.0 and here’s my Blynk HTTPS API
here’s is some screenshot
Please help me

You need to change your request URL to

Request type = GET, body is not required, as value is present in request parameters v4=1

still same respond…

@egant the url is not the same as I posted.

is this the right url?

webhook config3

i’ve changing the server with this 3 ip’s and still same respond

No. Why can’t you just copy the url I posted?

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OMG did i need coffe right now? the answer is in front of me, and i still didnt get that, how silly i’am :smiley:

thanks @Dmitriy , now its tottaly works…