Wrong datastreams properties values in blynk console


in web console → devices → select device → datastreams, ‘property values’ column is displayed with correct properties, then updated with properties from other devices

can you please check ?

thank you


Can you provide more info please?


Hi Pete, here it is

I understood which column you were referring to, I was expecting that you might provide more info on your template setup, how many devices you had and whether they all shared the same datastreams, where the incorrect data was coming from etc etc.


I have 2 devices using this template/datastream, the incorrect data is coming from devices using other templates/datastream, hope this will help, thanks

Not really, but I guess someone will have a go at replicating the issue based on the limited info you’ve provided.


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datastream tab property values ​​do not reflect those of the selected device, but those of other devices in other templates
property values ​​are correct in app and dashboard for all devices/templates
feel free to ask me for more details but I don’t know what to say to be more specific :thinking:

update : this happens then two blynk consoles are opened on different devices at the same time in two tabs of same browser

@brunog so what are you saying is that when datastreams tab is opened you get the wrong updates in realtime for property column?

yes Dmitriy that’s it

Should be fixed already.

thanks a lot