Wrong datas in download report last 3 months

When I download report (last 3 months).
datas are not the same compared to datas (24 hours), (last week) or (last month).

Link : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AumeH7O_5gYErdAStNidK8bqmsE_Ww?e=UUpfdP
In data report ‘last 3 months’
Integer can be 0.5
datas are missing

Are you using Blynk Legacy or Blynk IoT ?


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My phone app is Blynk IoT.
All my datas come from automation.

What type of Blynk subscription do you have?
Are the datastreams you are reporting on set to “Save Raw Data” in the advanced settings?
What Data Aggregation settings did you select in the Advanced Settings section of the Generate Report dialogue?

Are you able to elaborate on your…


comments in your original post?

It would probably be helpful if you copied and pasted some of the problem data into this topic, as you’ve provided a link to some .zip files, but the hosting service you’ve used doesn’t allow the contents of those files to be previewed.
I never download .zip files from an unknown source, so I’m not able to view the reports. And, without some information about what data you were expecting in the reports, it’s impossible to identify which data you feel is missing.


Here is the Last 3 months csv :
Last 3 months
And the Last week csv
Last week

So, in the 3 month report the data that is visible in the weekly report has been aggregated and averaged into one minute periods.
A one and a zero is averaged as 0.5


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It’s ok
I have not see that the default ‘Raw data’ is automatically changed when I go to ‘Last 3 months’.
Than you very much.