Writing with the same sketch simultaneously in two Blynk Projects


I would like to know if it is possible from one Arduino and one sketch to write simultaneously in two Blynk Projects.

The case is that I am following 3 sensonrs on my phone from one Arduino.
I want to share one of them (not all three) with a friend.

Any ideas?

Thank you


Hello. At the moment this is not possible.

Hi Dmitry and thank you.

Is it something that is in your plans?

No, sorry. You may buy one more board, like Wemos D1 for 4$ :slight_smile:.

True but second board cant do this job.
Thx anyway

Just share the sensor value with a second board like the wemos over a one or two wire communication. That way your friend can get imput from the second board that has its own char auth. THats how I solved my problem when i ran out of pins on one board


why you can’t just share your project with your friend?
As I understand, that is what the “generate link” function is meant for (costs 1000⚡)


Thanks, I like this approach and will try it…

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I cannot share because some sensors are not intended to be shared.

thx anyway

Good luck. I communicate by using a cnstant signal from one board to anohter that I delay with the delay function.
Like if the signal is interrupted for 2200 ms the receiving boards knows to update temperature with value 22 because there was a 2,2 second interruption. It s dumb and simple but great for slow sensors

And it works easily across all boards inc 3,3v to 5v