Write custom colours to Superchart Datastream

Is it possible to write custom colours to the Datastreams in a Superchart, in the same way as can be done for the LED widget?


My goal is to create a Max/Min chart that will show a daily trend of the max and min range for a given zone. What I will do is set the Max to a strong colour, and set the Min to the same colour as the chart background so that the only region showing is from where the Min value starts to where the Max ends. In this way the background colour of the Min value will hide the lower part of the Max plot.

Here is an example of what I did with a 512 LED dot matrix. Each column is a day with the Max and Min values forming a line. Today is on the RHS, and each col to the left is a previous day.

I want to replicate this style on the Superchart

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