Would like to get SMS working from Blynk

I know this topic has been asked before but I have not found any solutions.
I already have a Nexmo account that works from other application(s) with out any trouble.
I have set the as directed in the Blank home folder.
The code does not moan if I use Blynk.sms(“some message”); and the log does mark sms(1), however where does one put the telephone number?
If I look at the Blynk Server, I see something like public void send(String to, String text) {
But if i try Blynk.sms("",“message”); it moans as the library can only take one argument.

Can someone please advise, would be nice to use my Nexmo account to alert me when hardware looses power etc …

Obviously I could write my own hooks, but if the code is there, and is suppose to work, why not use it?

Solved. I did find a message on the community, though not absolutely clear, did indicate that one had to add some json code to create a SMS widget. So I created a version that works. Bear in mind that it needs to exactly match the space where a real widget will go. The easiest is to say add an email widget and then replace the entries in the widget with the appropriate SMS ones. Here is an sample of my code. Obviously use your Cell number.

        "type": "SMS",
        "id": 432,
        "x": 2,
        "y": 7,
        "color": 1602017535,
        "width": 2,
        "height": 1,
        "tabId": 0,
        "isDefaultColor": false,
        "to": "619876543210"

I used a json editor to make it easy to do.