Working of Blynk Scheduler, when the phone is out of network

After scheduling my device from the phone blynk app, if my phone goes offline, the device does not work as per the schedule set (assume device is always online).
Does that mean that the scheduler is triggered only from the phone and not from the Blynk cloud?

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Hello. What is Scheduler?

Time Input control which you can schedule.

Time Input is for interaction in real time when app is open. You probably need to use Eventor Time events or Timer widget.

The blynk documentaion says that:

Time Input
Time input widget allows you to select start/stop time, day of week, timezone, sunrise/sunset formatted values and send them to your hardware.”
If it is to be sent on a “day of week”, is it feasible that the app needs to be open? May be my understanding is wrong. Can you please clarify more?
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@c.sumanta documentation is correct. You select date in widget and it is send to your hardware. What exactly should happen when app goes off from your point of view?

Lets say my aquarium pump should run every Mon, Wed and Fri (3-4 days a week which I can schedule) for 10 minutes from 4:00PM to 4:10 PM.
Once it is saved in the app, this config is also saved against that token in the Blynk cloud. We are expecting that the blynk cloud to trigger it even if the app is offline (and device is connected).

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I think you need to use Eventor Time Events. As Time Input used for manual time change.

It is up to Blynk, how you design your controls. But it is confusing as an user that I’m able to set a days of the week and time for an event, but need to keep the phone on for that.

@c.sumanta Check here for a bit better understanding of the Time Input widget… once the time has been set, the hardware takes it from there, phone or no phone.

You don’t need that. As I said you are using Time Input in wrong way. It is used for sending date to your hardware. That’s it. It doesn’t perform any action anymore.

Presumably that is day of the week and time, rather than date?
And we can code actions at said time, right?
Or have things changed?

Thanks a lot always to the Blynk community. I’m using a node MCU board. Can anyone tell me how to store the Time Input object to the EEPROM of node MCU? I’m trying but no success yet.
Thanks a lot in advance.

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There is no reply. Hence I understand it is difficult.
But, can anyone let me know if the TimeInput parameters are persisted in the Blynk coud and I can read it from my device when it starts?
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Yes and yes.