WLED + BLYNK + MQTT + HA + Alexa + Philips Hue + IR on ESP8266 / ESP32

by Aircoookie

work with WS2812B/SK6812/WS2811/WS2813/WS2815 RGB(W) led strip


  • WS2812FX library integrated for 80 special effects
  • FastLED noise effects and palettes
  • Customizable Mobile and desktop UI with color and effect controls
  • Settings page - configuration over network
  • Access Point and station mode - automatic failsafe AP
  • Support for RGBW strips
  • 25 user presets to save and load colors/effects easily, supports cycling through them.
  • Macro functions to automatically execute API calls
  • Nightlight function (gradually dims down)
  • Full OTA software updatability (HTTP + ArduinoOTA), password protectable
  • Configurable analog clock + support for the Cronixie kit by Diamex
  • Configurable Auto Brightness limit for safer operation

Supported light control interfaces:

  • WLED app for Android and iOS
  • JSON and HTTP request APIs
  • MQTT
  • Blynk IoT
  • E1.31
  • Hyperion
  • UDP realtime
  • Alexa voice control (including dimming and color)
  • Sync to Philips hue lights
  • Adalight (PC ambilight via serial)
  • Sync color of multiple WLED devices (UDP notifier)
  • Infrared remotes (24-key RGB, receiver required)
  • Simple timers/schedules (time from NTP, timezones/DST supported)

Quick start guide and documentation:

See the wiki!

Android application HERE

latest release

@Aircoookie Aircoookie released this 13 days ago

  • Added support for MQTT authentication
  • Added Captive portal in AP mode
    -> Breaking change: The IP of your ESP8266 in AP mode is now
  • Added the TwinkleFOX effect
  • Added Orangery, C9 and Sakura palettes
  • Update to ArduinoJSON v6
  • Support APA102


WLED_0.8.5_ESP01_1m.bin |496 KB

WLED_0.8.5_ESP01_512k.bin | 481 KB

WLED_0.8.5_ESP32.bin | 1000 KB

WLED_0.8.5_ESP8266.bin | 510 KB

WLED_0.8.5_ESP8266_IR.bin | 534 KB

Source code(zip)

Source code(tar.gz)

  • for BLYNK

You can use the free (if you only use it for 1 WLED light) IoT cloud Blynk to control your WLED Lights with the beautiful Blynk app for Android and iOS!

With Blynk, you can also even control your lights when you are not connected to your home network!


You can use the sync button in Blynk to sync other WLED ESPs, just like with the web UIs!

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LED Strings and Strips

  • a very good - Tutorial for Beginners
    to make it as easy as possible for anyone to get into DIY Christmas lights.
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WLED version 0.8.6

  • WiFi will now auto-reconnect if connection lost
  • Added the TwinkleCat and Halloween Eyes effects
  • Improved a lot of effects (running, rainbow, fade…)
  • Fixed choppy transitions
  • Increased max. LEDs to 1500 (500 in DMA pin 3 mode)


WLED_0.8.6_ESP01_1m_full.bin | 517 KB

WLED_0.8.6_ESP01_1m_ota.bin | 503 KB

WLED_0.8.6_ESP01_512k.bin | 487 KB

WLED_0.8.6_ESP32.bin | 1020 KB

WLED_0.8.6_ESP32_ledpin4.bin | 1020 KB

WLED_0.8.6_ESP8266.bin | 558 KB

WLED_0.8.6_ESP8266_APA102.bin | 557 KB

WLED_0.8.6_ESP8266_ledpin3.bin | 559 KB

WLED_0.8.6_ESP8266_ledpin4.bin | 533 KB

wled_0.8.6_ESP8266_lwip1.bin | 556 KB

Source code(zip)

Source code(tar.gz)

Note regarding ESP01:
ESP01 with 512k flash no longer supports Alexa, Blynk or Hue sync interfaces. If you use them, please do not update.
ESP01 with 1MB flash either supports OTA updates OR the above interfaces, just choose the respective binary.
From the next version onward, it will very likely be impossible to maintain 512k ESP01 support.
ESP01 1M will stay supported, although OTA updates will not be possible.
To get the most out of WLED, I highly recommend you to upgrade to a board with 4MB flash.


another very good - Tutorial for Beginners
Beginner’s Guide to Every Holiday LEDs (Part 2).

  • How to Set Colors and Effects, Save Presets, Make Sync Groups, add a Button, & Macros for Scheduling

  • wLED, is the BEST software for controlling your LEDs. I almost said it is the best Free software, but honestly, it is better than anything you can buy too!


Integrating Wled in Home Assistant


Mega Tree Christmas Lights with WLED ( Demo)



WLED version 0.9.0-b1

@Aircoookie Aircoookie released this 7 hours ago

The wait for a festive update is finally over! Decorate for the holidays using multiple segments!


WLED_0.9.0-b1_ESP32.bin | 1010 KB

WLED_0.9.0-b1_ESP32_ledpin16.bin | 1010 KB

WLED_0.9.0-b1_ESP8266.bin | 538 KB

WLED_0.9.0-b1_ESP8266_1M_full.bin | 499 KB

WLED_0.9.0-b1_ESP8266_1M_ota.bin | 494 KB

WLED_0.9.0-b1_ESP8266_512K.bin | 489 KB

WLED_0.9.0-b1_ESP8266_apa102.bin | 538 KB

WLED_0.9.0-b1_ESP8266_ledpin3.bin | 540 KB

WLED_0.9.0-b1_ESP8266_ledpin4.bin | 513 KB

Source code(zip)

Source code(tar.gz)

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If you want your lights synced to music then you want xLights.
It’s a feature rich program, but you can start simple and build slowly.

“How-To” video for xLights.

xLights + WLED


Latest release

WLED version 0.9.1

@Aircoookie Aircoookie released this 4 hours ago

More Segment options and quicker control of all your LEDs!

  • Segments now support Grouping and Spacing options
  • Re-Added Quick color selectors to UI
  • PC mode (all settings on one page)
  • Added new auto RGBW modes
  • Added 5 new infrared remotes
  • Added new DMX modes over E1.31
  • Added Heartbeat, Ripple Rainbow, Percent, Plasma, Drip, Bouncing Balls, Fireworks 1D and Fireworks Starburst effects
  • Improved analog LED support
  • Added WiFi sleep toggle
  • Added dynamic effect data
  • Removed pixel locking
  • Various small effect improvements
  • Various fixes and stability improvements


WLED_0.9.1_ESP32.bin1.03 MB

WLED_0.9.1_ESP32_ledpin16.bin1.03 MB

WLED_0.9.1_ESP8266.bin535 KB

WLED_0.9.1_ESP8266_1M_full.bin521 KB

WLED_0.9.1_ESP8266_1M_ota.bin503 KB

WLED_0.9.1_ESP8266_512K.bin491 KB

WLED_0.9.1_ESP8266_apa102.bin534 KB

WLED_0.9.1_ESP8266_ledpin4.bin523 KB

Source code(zip)

Source code(tar.gz)

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