With Plus Plan, can't add more than 1 Staff User?

I have the Plus plan with accounts for myself (admin), one Staff, and one User. I can’t change the User to Staff, nor invite a new user as Staff. It just wants me to upgrade my plan. I thought Plus plan allowed you to have 10 users irrespective of permission level?

Hi @tpstech,

You can no longer invite users with the “Admin” or “Staff” role on the PLUS plan. Only with the “User” role.

Dmitriy from Blynk

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@DimitryPB or @Pavel can you explain this sudden change in the Plus plan?
Especially because the pricing page was not updated since and is still showing “Locked set of permissions for each role” which is misleading at best because there are no roles anymore. I just got scammed basically because I thought it was still possible to use the Staff role in Plus…
Also selling it like you can have 10 users if you can’t share any device with more than 2 users (admin+1 user) doesn’t make any sense, especially for personal use…
Pavel promised multiple times on the forum a device sharing feature which would compensate for that but as far as I know it is still not there…

I can understand you might not have time to develop that especially with the situation in Ukraine but why deleting the roles then?!