Wishing for msec as UNIT in Datastream

In Datastream we have pre-defined units which “displays” the unit notifier like “s”, “cm”, “dBm”, etc in dasdboards. In same way there is “millimeter” i’d like to have:

  • msec (milliseconds)

I feel this is missing.
I often measure things in shorter time spans, typically … milliseconds.
Good idea?
Interesting to add?


In my opinion, it would be great if they add the ability to use a custom unit.

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Any input on this?

  • I really would like “milliseconds” as a Unit in Datastreams.

This is not super important but still …
I measure shorter times in the region of milliseconds. Let’s say 0-50 ms.
My options are then to display this in the Web Dashboard as

  • “untyped” data in the range 0-50, or as
  • “Seconds” data in the range 0-1 secs
    This works of course, but I would really be able to display the unit “ms” or “msec” with my data. And in a usable range.
    It would be nicer to display in the range 0-100 ms rather than 0-1 s or only 0-100.


78 ms (wanted)
0.78 s

Hello. Sorry, missed your initial post. We’ll add it in the next deployment.

Custom units are in our plans, but for now, it’s easier/quicker to add new one to the existing list.


Just noted ms (and msec) are now as predefined UNITS in Datastream.
Works like a charm.

  • Thanks! :slight_smile:

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