Wireless battery monitor - Wemos D1 mini pro

Hi, today I went to start my car and due to it being about 2 degrees C in the U.K. The battery was just about flat. I recently built the Solar powered wifi weather station with great success with the Wemos D1 mini pro. I wanted to leave a 3.7v lipo in my car and a solar panel on the dash or even power the project from the car battery, I don’t see it being a problem.
Here is my thoughts. Wemos D1 mini pro, voltage divider and transient surge protection to bring the input well below 3.3v for A0 ADC or there abouts. Remove the 0 ohm resistor and jumper the wifi socket and add a larger antenna so I can pick up my home wifi while my car is on my driveway. Naturally now compile some code to have the Wemos send me voltages every 5 or 10 minutes and have the D1 mini pro go into deep sleep the rest of the time. Include the Blynk library to I can have the output on my iPhone and monitor the voltage daily.

Lastly, I have been playing around with Google assistant. Home Assistant for Raspberry PI and of course IFTTT. What is surprising that nobody has tied Blynk to Home Assistant or IFTTT and have Blynk then work with Google home and read back Blynk readings? I would love to wake up and say “hey Google, what’s my car battery voltage?”, lazy or what.??

Before I start getting started I wondered if anyone had done any work along this line? Is there any example code around? I would love to look at past work before taking the plunge.

Will of course report back as and when with progress and it would be brilliant to have that extra peace of mind that I won’t be ate for work.

Regards Spence

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