Windows desktop Button for Blynk 2.0

I’m trying to make a window desktop button to control Virtual pins but don’t know how to start. Has any one done it?

You’ll need to provide more information if you want any sensible feedback to that question.


How can you make a windows desktop shortcut to control the virtual pins. I did not find any tutorial on how to do this. What info should i share?

If you want to control devices from Windows then using Blynk IoT and the web console is the best solution.

If you want to do as you described and have a desktop shortcut then you can use the HTTP API and assign the API URL to an internet shortcut. It will open a new internet browser window when you click on it, which isn’t very elegant, but it will work. You’ll need two shortcuts if you want to turn a device on and off.

I’d point you to the API documentation, but as you haven’t revealed which version of Blynk you’re using then I’ll wait until you provide that information.


Thank you. The version im using is in the topis. Blynk 2.0