Will new firmware ship when using deep sleep and a short-term connection?

I use an esp32 to go into deep sleep between readings. My firmware disconnects from Blynk immediately after connecting and updating the server with last reading. Can I use Blynk.Air to ship new firmware?

Why don’t you try?


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Logical response! :slight_smile: I initiated last night., but not done this morning. However it was asleep for 8 hours out of the 12 hour window. I deleted that one and tried a different one (changed the options). I guess I was just impatient! I’ll let you know if this one works.

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So it’s been 27 hours since I initiated the shipment. The controller sleeps for 5 minutes between logs. The shipment event log simply shows “Request sent” every 5 minutes since initiation (see screenshot). Is it normal to take this long?

No, it’s not normal. “Request sent” means that when your hardware connected to the Blynk cloud - cloud send the request that there is a shipment for that device. The next step should be request of the firmware from the hardware. Looks like this is not happening. Probably because your hardware goes in deep sleep right after this?
@vshymanskyy please advise.

Yes, that should be the case.