Will my Blynk project still work?


I have developed a project using Blynk and utilized the local server option, I have seen recently that the Blynk team are developing a new version and plan to end support and development of the current system. My question is:

Seen as I use the local server on my own system and then use the android app to connect to it, is there any reason that this will stop working? Could I in theory keep using my system indefinitely?

Thanks for your help!

Blynk have said that the app will continue to be updated to deal with new releases of Android or iOS, but I guess that at some point that will be a limit to how far this support will extend. New features that become available in these new OS releases probably won’t be utilised.
This shouldn’t stop things working, but at some point (probably in the fairly long term) you may not be able to upgrade to the latest phone of your choice because it’s no longer compatible.

The other potential issue is the server that you’re running. New versions of Java may not be supported by the current version of Blynk server, so you may need to keep running an older version. This might potentially cause security issues, a bit like running an old version of Windows 95 on an old laptop simply to support an old piece of software.

All of these issues are likely to take quite a long time to kick-in, and won’t be insurmountable if you’re prepared to keep servers and devices limited to the highest supported versions.

I certainly wouldn’t panic about lack of compatibility for quite some time to come.
This is all speculation on my part, based on what I’ve read about what Blynk’s plans are for the future, but who knows what’s around the corner?