Wifimanager by tzapu with ESP8266 and Arduino UNO


If I would like to connect by Arduino UNO to Blynk service by using wifimanager how do I do it?
Do I need to put wifimanager on Arduino UNO board or ESP8266 board?


Easiest way would be to put the Uno in the bin if you want to use WiFiManager.

It will only work with ESP’s.

You could try the ESP with Arduino shield route, not to be confused with the Arduino with ESP shield route but my advice is use the bin.

I would need to use UNO because I need those additional ports, I have several sensors which I would like to connect, but on ESP I cannot fit.

If I put wifimanager on ESP8266 and I establish software serial communication between ESP and UNO, that would work?

What do you think about WeMos D1 for that prupose?


Yes, we have used this method and to be honest found it MUCH easier than the Arduino with ESP shield method.

We are BIG fans of the WeMos, reliable, cheap and easy to set up.

You can attach dozens of sensors to a WeMos, including the mini’s, with less cost and effort than messing about with Arduino’s. Think long and hard before using an Arduino on an IOT project.

Don’t even think about ESP01’s unless you are using hundreds of them or are unable to redesign your project for anything bigger to fit. Proper ESP’s cost about the same as the near useless ESP01’s these days.

I didn’t even planned on using ESP shield for arduino.
I was reffering on ESP8266 that small board.

I will give it a try with WeMos and Blynk to see the outcome.
So basically your suggestion is to base my project on WeMos?
Project is still in early development so I can still play between devices that can be used.

The term “ESP shield” is a generic term for trying to attach any ESP to an Arduino master.

In our book, ESP should always be the master for IOT projects.

For sure, and when you consider which WeMos don’t forget it only costs a couple of dollars to add 12 or more pins.

Is it possible for WeMos to have additional analog ports instead of only A0

Of course, you can also multiplex a single analogue port.