Wifi switches

i have a bulk of switches … i need firmware for this and i need software for this device to controll over the wifi and internet.This switches is alternate for normal switches so please help me i will pay

Give us more info. What kind of switches ?

@kisafa Welcome to the Blynk Forum.

This forum is for Blynk users to share and assist other Blynk users with ideas and guidance.

We are not a for-hire code factory, nor is begging for code considered acceptable.

If you are working on a project the uses Blynk, or need some guidance beyond what is already in the the Documents. Help Center and Sketch Builder (Links all at the top right of this page)… then we will help as able, but YOU need to do the work, not us.

As @Dema323 has already mentioned, we would need much more information about your project before any guidance can be provided.

Thank you.

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