WiFi shield for Aduino Uno & Mega

I have a Uno and Mega and added a W5100 shield thinking it would do WiFi, but quess not. What would be the best low cost shield to add that would work on both boards using Blynk?
I’m looking at boards from AliExpress , https://www.aliexpress.com/popular/wireless-sd-shield.html , Any help would be great! Thanks

My W5100 died and I haven’t yet gotten further than USB-link, so I am also interested in best option for Blynk compatibility.

First off… limit your aliexpress search parameters to “WiFi UNO R3 MEGA Shield” as this will block out XBEE and any other wireless, but not Internet based options.

Also stay away from anything based on the CC3000 chipset as that seems to have issues with Blynk.

So far my research points to choices like ESP8266 ESP-12E UART or >Elecrow RN171< based chipset.

The “ESP tacked onto Arduino” solution does seem to have issues though?

Thanks for the info!