WiFi Manager problems

@tzapulica I have mentioned this in another thread but thought it deserved it’s own. I have searched but I’ve not found much regarding this.

I have stability/operational issues with WiFiManager. I am using the latest from github and the Sparkfun ESP8266 Thing Dev PCBA. Even when using the examples and a simple wifiManager.autoConnect();. The issues seem to be limited to when the board is in AP mode. I have trouble connecting to the AP, then once connected, loading the config page at is hit or miss. From there getting to the scan results page or saving the credentials is hit or miss. Most times it just “hangs” and there is no console output or “Handle web root”,etc. A few times I have had a reset of the ESP, WDT related. The board I was using is now “bricked” and gives Fatal Exception (28) continuously. I have two more on order and will try the simple examples before I do anything else with them and report back. If I still have problems I will provide you more specific details and a console dump as well.

At this point I just want to make you aware of it and ask if you have any ideas.

Thanks, I think this lib is awesome and is really a “must-have”!


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Sorry, a bit out of comission these days…

Anyway, glad you like it.

I ve only had issuses like you are describing on a corrupt module.
I would also get an ip of for the AP. Really weird issues, very similar to what you are describing.

I had to issue an erase flash from esptool and then rewrite the sketch and it seems ok now. Not 100% all is ok with that module though

I have tried it on brand new modules. I’m experiencing the same problems right away:

You just need to change flash size to 1M SPIFFS.
It worked for me .

@moch.effendi are you using the Sparkfun product? I think it is a 4M device not 32M, right?

I need to scheduler some relay to start daily at a specific hour for a specific time. ( each relay with his own scheduler)
Can you tell me if you did something like this with WiFiManager?

Thank you

@iuliamh any reason you can’t trigger specific relays at a given time each day with Blynk’s Timer widget?

@Costas I don’t have internet where I want to put the project. Will work the ESP without internet?

Yes ESP’s work without internet, fundamentally they are just super powerful Arduino’s.

What is you want to do and is the timing critical? Do you have a real time clock?

@Costas I want to do a irrigation system. I need to control 4 valve.
So I want to schedule each relay to start at a specific hour for a specific time on specific days. So I need the time to work good, but not necessary very precise.
I don’t have internet there for the moment.

Can you tell me what’s the best way to do it?

Thank you very much.

@iulianh I’m not suitable to advise on systems without internet connections as everything we do involves the Blynk cloud server.

Perhaps @Lichtsignaal can advise if all Blynk facilities are available when you run a local server. I believe they probably are so you would use 4 Timer Widgets, one for each control valve. You set the start and end time and certainly with the Cloud they are very reliable.

If you wanted more than one on and off per valve per day just add more Timers.

A local Pi server works very well. It lets you configure and have access to most Blynk functions including, but not limited to, email notifications, which could be handy :slight_smile:

@Lichtsignaal presumably no email without an internet connection unless you mean LAN messaging.

I’m assuming @iulianh is working on a remote site without internet but it could be he / she is permanently based there but hasn’t installed internet yet.

I guess you would need to consider clock time with the Pi, just as you do with ESP’s and Arduino’s, as it doesn’t have a real time clock.

Options would be to do a “one off” manual ‘clock’ set and reboot the Pi at a given time each day and reinstate the time. You are reliant on the Pi not rebooting outside the chosen reboot time.

Alternatively wire up a RTC as they are only a couple of dollars.

True that, but local mail facilities should (emphasis, should, haven’t tried) work.

@iulianh sorry for the delay, as the guys mentioned you have quite a few options, and to make it harder, depending on what you want to do, here are some other options (both will need internet access at some point) here is a lib that s made to do a daily task:

I used a variation of that in this https://github.com/tzapu/ESP8266ArducamTimelapse to wake up at shorter intervals.

again, both of those need internet at some point, or a local http or ntp server at least to sync the time.

a hardware RTC is easy and cheap to add though, and gives you proper independence on everything.

I think there is RTC widget in blynk as well, together with the timer widget, and a local server on a PI could sort what you need easily, as I assume you have a router the esp connects to… otherwise why would you need wifimanager…

anyway, there are lots of options, but i think you need to tell us more about your setup, intentions and experience (there s now a possibility of having opensprinkler run on the esp, but that was quite hard last time i tried)

good luck

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@njc did you set the proper flash size for the module you used? updated everything?

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