Wifi manager local server setup help please

I would like to say hello to everyone I wanted to tell you what I wanted to do in the video good work…

Do you really think that people can watch that video then answer your question?

Post your code (correctly formatted), along with any relevant information such as the output of your serial monitor, screenshots of your captive portal etc, and a clear description of what you’re trying to achieve.


You didn’t format you code correctly, so it has been removed.
Please use three backticks at the behind get and end of your code so that it displays correctly. Three backticks look like this:

Posting screenshots from your PC doesn’t help, as it’s not possible to scroll through the code or copy/paste it into the Arduino IDE.
The only point where a screenshot would be helpful is to see what the captive portal looks like.


okay i don’t want help


Okay, if you come back and need some assistance from the forum then just follow the forum rules and I’m sure you’ll get the help you need.

Good luck with whatever you choose to use instead of Blynk.


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This will connect to Blynk Cloud. If you want to connect to your local server you’ll need to specify the server and the port, like this:


Don’t forget that you’ll need to use an Auth code generated from your local server.


As you’ve shared both the URL to your local server and the Auth Token for a local server project on a public forum, you may wish to change one or both of them.