Wifi issues with Wifi sharing an phones

Hello Blynkers !

Here is my problem, I am using my phone with Wifi Sharing activated so that I dont depends on home wifi.
It was working great with my previous phone, but doesnt work anymore with the one. I also tested it with my girlfriend phone and it works. With my coworker phone, it doesnt work !

So I guess there is something, depending on the way (WPS, WPS or something) you share the wifi that works or not.

Can you help me with the settings compatible or not with the wifi sharing and Blynk ?

Thanks a lot !

Have you changed mobile providers too?

Also which phones work and which don’t? - It may be an issue with certain phones that certain ports are blocked.

Thanks for your answer.

I didnt change the providers.

My previous phone was a Huawei Honor 5C and the new one is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7.
Its also working with an old Moto G4 which as a different provider.

How are you inputting the Wifi credentials? Hardcoding them?

Just like that in blynk :

//char ssid[] = “minicube”;
//char pass[] = “onebrain”;

And you are setting your WiFi hotspot to those credentials too?

Exactly yes !

Note that I change the pass of the previous post. But still, both my code and Hotspot have the same, and it doesnt work …

Anobody having the same problem ?

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c’est peut-être à cause du clavier français :joy:

Yeah I’m lost on that one I’m afraid. - Sorry :frowning_face:

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@Pavel or any team members ?

Looks like I have a riddle for you =p

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