WIFI ID & Password

Hi I am finalizing our App to control a light switch and will like to find out how allow anyone who has downloaded the App to enter their homes WIFI ID & Password. Thanks in advance for your help.

You will need to contact the Blynk team about provisioning your own app to do this.

Also you can use the wifiManager library



Handy… but not the same as distributing an app like @flhtraveler is asking.

Imagine you made an app, and some hardware… and want to sell or distribute it so that each customer has their own unique login and auth code etc.

You can’t do this with the free developer account.

By moving to a paid account to we get help setting this up? Do you know if there is a rapid turn key solution? We want something simple like this:

  1. Customer buys product
  2. Downloads App
  3. App detects product
  4. Enter User Name / Pass
  5. Connects

@pavel, @Dmitriy

That exactly what we do. See related topic - Blynk myPlant Demo App

Or here:

Thanks Pavel but we need the iOS app. When will it be available? We have customers on stand by. From what I recall the iOS app was 2 months behind android, this was back in mid October.

We’ll publish myPlant iOS app in 2-3 weeks. There are few things iOS needs to catch up after an idle and this demo app is not a top priority.

I’d expect so! :grin:

Hoping for GPS/MAP/Video Widgets next :wink:

Okay, I’ll try this one last time.
For some reason this community keeps flagging my posts on open source software as “commercial”.
I’m just trying to let you know about something that might be useful to the community -
it’s not like it’s a commercial product - it’s a free download, and open source to boot…

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I did not try it yet but looking very promising!
Thanks for sharing with us.

Do you have the source code at github.com (except the given zip file) or any equivalent?

Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

@PatternAgents it makes reference to entering credentials via Serial Monitor.
Does this mean it’s not a very portable system?

The “Embedis Servers” example gives you your choice of HTTP, Telnet or Serial Monitor access to update settings. There is full source code at the github repository.


you can try this way. It works

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